French pre-eminence in fashion undoubtedly dates from the 17th century, when the arts, architecture, music and fashion of the Court of Louis XIV at Versailles were admired and imitated by all of Europe. Today in the genteel world of luxury, jewellery and handicrafts have a prominent place.

Nestled in the heart of Paris’ studios, these makers of dreams busy themselves around the various stages of creating a garment: the outline of the pattern, the embroidery, cutting fabrics until they are properly tamed, exultant models… seamstresses, pleaters, embroiderers, featherers, interpret the designer’s sketches with poetry, draping, pleating, and bringing forth the volumes of Calais lace, silks and silk crepe, chiffons, organza and other exclusive fabrics.

In this epitome of style, it is French excellence that has crystallised the fashion house name Arosière Paris, becoming a spokesman for a work that transcends time.