Hoda ElHaddad

       Success was immediate and gave her a special place in the heart of the media scene and in the microcosm of fashion. Her love for flowers was expressed by the flowering in 2013, of the fashion house Arosière Paris.

It is an inestimable brand that draws its strength from an inclination to suggest, without revealing all.

        “I love enhancing women as much as I love contemplating a flower beginning to bloom,” she says. An absolute quest for grace and vibrant feminine audacity, that she illustrates through sophisticated and refined collections.

        Fate like an echo has guided the designer to express the beautiful from every angle. More than a desire, it is undeniable… After a short but intense period at les Beaux Arts, she felt the desire to create a timeless line of luxury caftans distinguished by ancestral high-fashion methods.

“Luxury is the dream of thought”. It is a message beyond time that immortalises creativity, making it unique and rare. This is the philosophy of the beautiful Hoda Elhaddad. A woman whose character has been forged in pure gold, and for whom fashion is above all an art. A native of Morocco, she always carries this dual cultural heritage as an intrinsic notion that summons providence to the fore through talent and passion.