“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”,

said Audrey Hepburn. From legends to poems, tales to myths, the essence of flowers has never ceased to inspire great artists.


In 2013, the most beautiful flower in Hoda Elhaddad’s creative garden bloomed.

The exquisite adventure was launched, along with the genesis of chic.

Between astonishing dreams and creative allegories, the fashion house reinterprets emblematic motifs evoking a garden of roses, camellias or orchids in a contemporary way.

The high-fashion and ready-to-wear collections born through noble materials, give life to evening gowns, cocktail dresses and wedding dresses.

Tinted with romanticism, the brightness of the poignant yet never provocative lines yields to sensuality.

It is this slightly troubling sensation that creates an inalterable link with a demanding and elite clientele, who succumb to French know-how and the bespoke. Like a bouquet of pure and delicate fragrance, Arosière is a caress, hugging the body and seducing all women in its ode to elegance…